How to protect chatbot data and user privacy

“Employees and customers often enter sensitive information during chatbot sessions, but you can minimize chatbot security and privacy risks.

Are chatbots your next big data vulnerability?

Yes, chatbots, those little add-ons to Slack and other messaging apps that answer basic HR questions, conduct company-wide polls, or get information from customers before connecting them to a person, pose a security risk.

Because of the way we buy bots, Rob May, CEO of chatbot vendor Talla, says the IT industry is heading toward a data security crisis. “In the early days of SaaS [software as a service],” he explains, software “was sold as, ‘Hey, marketing department, guess what? IT doesn’t have to sign off, you just need a web browser,’ and IT thought that was fine until one day your whole company was SaaS.”

Suddenly, critical operations were managed by platforms bought without any user or data management best practices in place. To head off similar data vulnerability from chatbots, May recommends streamlining bot purchasing and implementation now.

Unfortunately, employees might already be using chatbots to share salary information, health insurance details, and similar data. So what steps can IT can take now to keep that data safe? How do you stop this vulnerability before it starts? What other questions should you be asking?”

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Let’s get down to business: the top technology trends for enterprises in 2018

Telstra’s Chief Technology Office is looking ahead to 2018, nailing down the top five technology trends that will impact global businesses during the year. From the changing realm of cyber security, to the possibilities of real time data and team collaboration tools, businesses of all sizes will feel the effects of these technologies.

1. Cyber security

Demand for appliance-based security services should continue to decline as software-based, hosted cyber security solutions emerge. With users connecting to internet-based applications via a variety of mobiles, tablets and laptops, we can no longer simply ring-fence corporate systems from potential attack.

The need for behavioral analytics-based systems is pulling security into the realm of Big Data-based solutions. Interconnected supply chains and industry ecosystems will drive Blockchain maturity for trust and verification. Security management will follow a deep learning approach throughout the application stack to improve both quality and speed of detection and response.

Source: Let’s get down to business: the top technology trends for enterprises in 2018

Compliance in the Cloud – Their System; Your Responsibility – Cooper Mann Company LLC

Can you outsource compliance to the cloud? Outsourcing IT to a cloud service provider can be tremendously beneficial for a business.  The model allows an organization to offload not just IT infrast…

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