Mobility, The Cloud and Your Business – Put on Your Bunny Slippers

kick-your-feet-up-business-in-bunny-slippersJoanie ( says to “Put on your bunny slippers, kick your feet up and get ready to do more in your business – at any time and from anywhere.  It’s about using technology to make business smarter, which also means getting more done in less time and with fewer resources.  Mobility and remote access service models play a big part, helping businesses create new levels of sustainability and supporting process improvements never before imagined.”

Mobile computing and the cloud are now integral to many business models because the benefits they deliver are great.  Cloud computing and application hosting solutions are the new managed business IT, allow businesses to focus on what they do best and not on the IT supporting it. Cloud and mobile solutions are in high demand because they allow businesses to scale easily and affordably, paying for what they need when they need it and not requiring large up-front investments.  Opex instead of Capex, they say.  Really, it is the improved collaboration and centralized access to applications and data that make mobile and cloud computing models an important consideration for every business.

There are many different technologies and approaches, and it can be a challenge to find the right solution to meet your particular business needs. Joanie recognizes this and can help you form a plan for your particular business to get where you want to go.

jmbunnyfeetSmarter business technology: it’s all about the bunnies.

Visit Cooper Mann Consulting and let us help you get your bunnies on.  It just makes sense.


Joanie Mann is a recognized authority in the areas of ISV cloud enablement and ASP service delivery, and consults with application and platform hosting companies worldwide. Her extensive work with accounting professionals worldwide has also positioned her as an expert consultant and adviser to professional practitioners seeking to leverage cloud accounting solutions, web-based applications and Internet technologies in their firms and with their clients. Author of Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People (available on Amazon Kindle) Principal consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting @JoanieMann on twitter

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